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* 14/3/2005    Candy Samples Movies (115 MB)

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* 8/1/2005    Candy Samples - Down and Dirty with John Holmes - Part 2 the Full Movie (252 MB)

* 9/4/2004    Candy Samples - Down and Dirty with John Holmes - Part 3 & 4 of the Full Movie (252 MB)

* 9/4/2004    Candy Samples - Down and Dirty with John Holmes - Part 1/4 of the Full Movie (164 MB)

Candy Samples Stats:

Birthday: October 5th
Weight: 59 kg
Stats: 48-24-36

Candy Samples - This amazingly buxom blonde bombshell is one of the true legends on the big-boob circuit. Porn Star Candy Samples' name has become synonymous with huge-breasted bodaciousness over the course of her decades-long carnal career. She's been in and out of the sex business ever since the early 70's, making a name for herself as one of the bawdiest big-boobers around. Candy Samples' power-packed 5'4' frame boasts some stunning measurements -- how's 48'-24'-36' sound to you? She simply exudes sexual allure wherever she goes, and she's become a fan favorite through her numerous features and constant personal appearances. Candy Samples is the best!

She first got into the hardcore scene in the early 70's, after a few appearances in some softcore features for Russ Meyer like 'Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra-Vixens.' She had long been one of the most sought-after big-boob models for magazine and poster work, and she began to parlay that into hardcore success. She starred in a string of steamy hardcore vids during the late 70's and early 80's, flicks like 'Candy's Bedtime Story' and 'Candy's Candy.' The hottest of these features would have to be 1983's 'Candy's Bedtime Story,' in which she takes on John Holmes and Patty Douglas in one of her three torrid scenes.

Miss CS was one of the stars of the notorious nudie flick 'Flesh Gordon,' further solidifying her stature as the biggest name among big-boob starlets. What just may be her hottest performance can be found in 'John Holmes and The All-Star Sex Queens,' where she takes on Johnny Keyes and Uschi Digart in a mammarially magnificent threeway romp. CS's continues to turn up now and again in big-boob specialty tapes, although she tends to concentrate on her dancing and personal appearances these days. Fans of huge-breasted beauties won't want to miss any chance they get to feast their eyes on CS' tasty movies. She is the sexiest busty girl ever come to the planet earth! Watch her famous tongue working in a blowjob action!

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