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* 6/5/2005    Candy Cantalopes Movies (115 MB)

Candy CantaloupesCandy Cantaloupes

Candy Cantaloupes Stats:

Porn Star Candy Cantaloupes' melon-sized, surgically inflated lust pillows kept her busy as one of the hardest-working strippers and nude models in the business for the better part of a decade. When -- and if -- fans could pull their eyes away from her ravishingly ripe rack, they caught sight of a bleach blonde beauty with creamy white skin and a lushly rounded body that was a tantalizing testament to the awesome allure of the full-figured lady. Candy Cantaloupes had a youthful glow about everything she did, and displayed an athleticism that belied her big-girl size.

Candy Cantaloupes first got into video work in 1992, after several years of being a top model for big breast-fixated mens' mags. Candy Cantaloupes usually appeared in non-sex roles, preferring preening and posing to actual on-screen action. In flicks like 'Girls Around The World #21,' Candy Cantaloupes' boobulous bouncing about provided plenty for fans to feast their eyes on, even if Candy Cantaloupes didn't go all the way.

Candy Cantaloupes did make one full-fledged hardcore appearance, though. In 'Boobarella,' Candy Cantaloupes jiggled her way through a wanton beach-side boff with some lucky stud, delving into some wild doggy-style dilly-dallying in a scene that sizzled with unleashed carnal heat. Candy Cantaloupes' bra-busting beauties got plenty of screen time in the scene, which ranked as one of the flick's heated highlights.

Candy Cantaloupes left the adult video scene in 1996, returning to her primary career as a feature dancer. She continues to work on stages across the country, while spicing up her off-hours by participating in thrill-seeking activities like skydiving and bungee jumping. With a cutsie-pie face and the body of a confirmed sex goddess, Candy Cantaloupes ranks as one of the all-time fan faves among huge hootered honeys.