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Chessie Moore Stats:

Birthday: May 5th
Height: 1,73 meters
Weight: 67 kg
Stats: 44-26-36 (44HH)

That's Chessie Moore, not Chestie, but you'd be forgiven if you made that mistake, because this starlet has one of the biggest enhanced front ends in the business. Porn Star Chessie Moore's a bleach-blonde sexual dynamo who got into hardcore after a brief career as a nude model in men's biker magazines. In fact, Chessie Moore looks like a biker's dream, with her huge mounds of sculpted mams, her shapely and oh-so-tempting backside, and her wide-eyed yet slutty facial expressions. You can just picture her riding off after a porno shoot on the back of some lucky Hells Angels' Harley. CM's made her name in adult films with the help of her monstrous chest, and has appeared in quite a few big-boob specialty tapes since her debut in 1989's 'Pussy Power II.' Chessie Moore's much more than just another set of silicone bags, though. Chessie Moore's got an outrageousness about her that leads her into all sorts of wild sexual situations. From shaving to anals to group gigs, CM's takes on all comers with spunk and a real aplomb that illustrates just how into her carnal career she really is.

Chessie Moore's a very flexible woman who sexual contortions often find her wrapped around her partners like an erotic pretzel. Miss Moore's appeared in over 60 flicks since her debut, so it's never hard to find a Chessie Moore film when you need just a little bit Moore.

Born in 9/8/59 at 1am. Miss Moore was adopted whe she was 2 months old and have an adopted brother a year and a half younger than me. Fairly close to his Mom, who doesn't approve her "business" but tries to let her lead her own life. CM's lived in several different states growing up. Her dad was a traveling salesman, and each time he was promoted he was assigned a new territory in a different 4 state area. So she lived in WY, CA, GA. As an adult Chessie's lived in several towns in Wyoming, Seattle WA, Portland Or, Colombia MO, Little Rock AR, Appleton WI, Anchorage AK. She was married once before the actual husband.