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Alicia Rhodes

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Alicia Rhodes Biography:

Alicia Rhodes has gained fame through her anal sex and interracial sex (often with multiple partners simultaneously) such as in Black in the saddle and her naturally large bust. Early in her career she appeared in bukkake scenes (in Candy Caine Productions' British Bukkake Babes). She is also known for her use of filthy language while engaging in sex acts, often taunting male performers and demanding they abuse her. Combining these fetishistic acts, in a movie entitled 7 the Hard Way 2, seven male performers repeatedly have intercourse with her then queue to ejaculate on her face (grade A film). She has also appeared in many double penetration films and has the ability to deep throat.

She has posed for Hustler magazine and has performed in a film for Fiona Cooper, in which she used her real name, Angela.

Alicia Rhodes has appeared as guests on the television talk shows It's My Life in the UK and Wa(h)re Liebe in Germany. She also appeared in three episodes of the UK documentary series Porn Valley.

Alicia Rhodes has stated that as a child, she idolized Page Three girls such as Samantha Fox and prayed for large breasts.

She originally started out as a Page 3 wannabe, but was rejected on numerous occasions for being "too fat", which resulted in her entry to the porn industry.

Before entering the porn movie business, Rhodes was a hairdresser and also taught hairdressing at a beauty school.[citation needed]

Rhodes had her first child in early-2006.